Foreign investment advice

Our investment advice at a glance

        External investment expert on all aspects of investment
        Quantitative and qualitative analysis for private foreign investors
        Scientifically sound and proven in practice
        Appraisal of investment products, funds, asset managers and investment themes

Investment Consulting
VARENA Financial Servicess offers professional and innovative consulting services as well as quantitative and qualitative analyzes for private foreign investors in the area of ​​investment consulting. Our concepts and analyzes are scientifically sound and proven in practice. Above-average qualified and experienced employees ensure consulting services of the highest standard.

External Investment Expert / Investment Consultant
 In the context of investment consulting, we are available as an external investment expert for all questions relating to investments. For many of our clients, we participate in the investment committee in an advisory capacity.

Quantitative analyzes
Our quantitative analyzes serve u.a. the assessment of the investment performance, the calculation of the risk-adjusted performance and the identification of risks. In addition, we offer different style analyzes and performance attributions as part of our sophisticated performance analysis.

Appraisal products and asset managers
As part of an independent review, we analyze investment products, funds, asset managers due diligence as well as new investment themes. VARENA Financial Services guarantees a neutral assessment of the opportunities, risks and costs of the products.

Dealing with currency risks
Currency risks present a challenge for many institutional investors. VARENA Financial Services supports investors in foreign currency risk management. This is u.a. determines the optimal hedge ratio and ensures efficient implementation of any foreign currency hedges.

Recommendations for benchmarks
The choice of the benchmark index in the sense of a requirement for the asset manager (benchmark) has a great influence on future investment performance. VARENA Financial Services s advises its clients on optimal benchmarking concepts, taking into account not only risk and return expectations, but also concentration risks.

Second Opinions and Opinions
Defining the investment strategy, selecting asset managers, or introducing new asset classes or investment products are just a few examples of very important decisions that investors often do not make based solely on a recommendation. VARENA Financial Services offers independent second opinions and opinions on all aspects of the investment process. A second opinion makes it possible to thoroughly evaluate all the facts before making an important investment decision.