Private Wealth Management

Focused on the essentials: on you

Every person is a unique personality with needs, dreams and goals. As a fully-licensed private financial services provider, we have been working for years to achieve exactly these individual requirements.

Wealth management

Wealth management not only means achieving short-term personal financial goals, it's about the big challenge of tailoring long-term planning to your individual lifestyle.

Our first step in asset management is always the same: we want to understand your goals.

In all our business decisions, you and your family are at the center of attention: your personal situation, your preferences and your needs.

  • An asset management that delivers results

  • A committed team that understands your personal goals and makes their

  • Achievement a priority

  • Access to global research of the entire VARENA Group

Our approach

Successful investment is very time-consuming and takes a lot of time, a lot of experience and extensive expertise. Even if you bring all of this, managing your own assets can be a burden. And that's exactly why we are here for you. You can rely on our highly experienced specialists when making decisions about managing your investment portfolio.

Our product and service platform is open and the range of products and services offered is very large. Our numerous award-winning funds have no home advantage, but have to compete with the best alternatives in the market. And because our own investment professionals work with leading external professionals, our clients benefit from maximum opportunity while remaining independent. Because we are in no way bound by given solutions, our goal is to find the best solution for you.